A Guide to Choosing Your Perfect Bridal Squad

March 22, 2019

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A Guide to Choosing Your Perfect Bridal Squad

A guest blog post by Haley Henderson of Haley Henderson Photography

Here is my guide to choosing your perfect bridal squad! These are a few pointers I have picked up from being a full time traveling wedding photographer that I hope help you in making your choices!

Whenever you get engaged you are surrounded by all the ones that love you most and they all want to live in this moment with you. Everyone starts to brainstorm ideas, expressing their interest in being a part of the decision making. While it is great to have love and support, you have to select the few that you want to be right beside you every step of the way. Your bridal party will be there for the dress shopping, vendor meetings, bachelorette party, and choosing all the details that make your day special to you!

Now comes the hard part, actually choosing your squad! No part of this is easy especially if you have a lot of close friends but you have to choose the ones that will have your best interest in mind. The group that will be able to tell you the honest truth about decisions your making when asked. Here are some tips to try to help you pick your most helpful bridal party!

Be sure before you ask. 

Let’s be honest planning a wedding can be stressful and overwhelming so you need to take your time and really think through the decisions you make. There is no time limit on choosing your bridal party! Choosing the wrong people for your bridal party can significantly alter the planning experience, the mood of your wedding day and the photos you will have later. Make sure to ask your fiance! A marriage is all about communication, respect and partnership. Asking your significant other their opinion on how they view your choices can help as well! Taking those extra days or even weeks to think through who you feel would be best is 100% necessary.

Put yourself first

We all know that when you get a few people together that all have opinions it gets difficult to make decisions. The squad you choose should be there for you with your best interest in mind. You need them to be supportive of the decisions you make and to be happy simply because those are the things that make you happy! Yes it is okay to have opinions, however no one should try to talk you out of something after you have expressed that it brings you joy! This is crucial to making sure you will remember happiness rather than stress during your planning and wedding day experience. After all it is all about what you and your groom are passionate about!

Think ahead !

This is a big one because let’s be honest I never took this into consideration while planning my wedding 5 years ago. You have to think about who will still be around in 5 or 10 years? You need to think about who you want in the photos you will have forever? Are the people your choosing family or friends or both? Will these people add value to your planning and wedding day? Will these people add stress to you or be absent when needed? These are questions you can ask yourself that may shift the way you make your choices.

Are they aware? 

A bridal party is way more then a pretty dress next to a stunning bride. It is laughing, crying, Pinterest board sharing, shopping(lots of shopping), appointments, but most importantly being present the wedding day. You need to make sure they will answer phone calls, return messages, be helpful when asked, and show up to appointment on time. It is your job as the bride to make sure they know what is expected of them in the beginning. They need to be aware of their responsibilities and any expenses.

So when it comes time to ask your closest friends and family I hope these tips help you in making those decisions!


A guest blog post by Haley Henderson of Haley Henderson Photography

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